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Erin Vasta has always been attracted to the arts. At four years old, she was entranced by a German Opera for nearly four hours before passionately recounting the entire plot to her parents. When she was seven, she began writing poetry. (She certainly hopes these lines have been lost to the passage of time, but doubts she’s that lucky.) At nine, she began a tradition of reading Shel Silverstein poems to her brother on Christmas morning as they waited to open their presents.


In high school, it became quickly apparent that Erin had a knack for writing, and she built her artistry upon this foundation. While pursuing her Bachelors of Fine Arts in English with a Creative Writing Concentration, Erin immersed herself in other fine arts and creative endeavors. She quickly realized that her passion for the arts extended beyond writing, and she actively pursued dance, theatre, visual art, and photography. When she discovered the Fine Arts program – one that encourages collaboration between artistic disciplines – she focused on creating and managing collaborative projects utilizing a wide range of artists.


In the fall of 2015, Erin traveled to Norwich, UK to undertake a Creative Entrepreneurship MA at the University of East Anglia. In this program, she developed her professional and artistic goals while undertaking course study in marketing, budgeting, bid proposals, website design, networking, resource development, and more. Due to the unique structure of the course, she received instruction from a range of professionals still active in their fields, as well as a wide range of successful and established artists.


Erin is an arts professional that is enthusiastic about strengthening the artistic community through innovative projects, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary programming, and – due to her experience abroad – an increased focus on the merger between local and international audiences. Her main passion lies in multidisciplinary collaborative work, with an emphasis on mutually beneficial projects consisting of components which can be used as individual artistic works or as pieces of a whole.

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