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Below are previews of Erin's ongoing and recently completed projects. For more information on these projects, or to collaborate on an ongoing project, please visit Erin's contact page.

What I Take From You

A series of four dance-poetry short films.

For this project, I took on the roles of artist, director, and project manager. The films were a multidisciplinary collaborative project utilizing the work of four poets, four choreographers, and four dancers. I completed all filming, editing, and sound work. 

*This project was completed as part of my MA in Creative Entrepreneurship Dissertation, which included the creation of a "Making Of" film as well as a 5,000 word commentary on the project.


Currently in search of a visual artist to incorporate poems inspired by these photos into new version of photos in a different medium. 

I completed a series of photo shoots of dancers and models portraying certain choreography, movements, and emotions. For the majority of the shoots, I gave instruction to the dancers and models in order to achieve desired images; however, certain shoots were done incorporating improvisation or a dance performance/rehearsal.

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