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Just Another Coming Out Story

Short story collection and accompanying photo series.

The short story collection was created for my senior honors thesis as part of my BFA in Creative Writing. It consists of 10 short stories focusing on religion, sexuality, family, community, and the struggles we face reconciling all four. The collection follows the life of Henry, a homosexual male growing up in a small conservative family and community. The stories deal with a wide timeline, ranging from the childhoods of Henry's parents (Carl and Jessica) to the late adulthood of Henry and his best friend Scully. 

The photo series is based on scenes within select stories from the collection. I took on the role of project manager and handled costuming, props, staging, image selection, and editing. I was the photographer for the shoot and I created the final presentation. Sonja Cirilo, a collaborator, handled stage make-up including bruising and stitches. Ashley Peisher, a collaborator, handled lighting design and costume renderings. Both collaborators also participated in the formal presentation of the work.

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